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Wings Over Houston

Cleared for Landing at Ellington Airport

We have some exciting events planned at Wings Over Houston! Check out our flight plan:

  • We'll be flying the following aircraft: B-25, F4U, P47, SBD, T-6, and PT-17 Stearman.
  • Up close tours inside the B-17 on the static ramp near the B-52
  • Pop-up museum gift shop with a special selection of items located near Air Show Center
  • LSFM designed paper airplanes for kids in the Family Chalet.
  • Vietnam War flying segment featuring: Bell TAH-1P Cobra, Douglas A-1D Skyraider, and MIG-17; also featuring the Collings Foundation’s F-4, F-100 and A-4.


Wings Over Houston

Wings Over Houston


The Museum will be opent  9AM – 5PM October 21 & 22. A large portion of our collection will be displayed at the air show and we will offer reduced admission of $5 for all in-person tickets. Children age under 4 always receive free admission. 

Schedule of Events

10:45 AM

Flag Drop

Texas Aviation Hall of Fame Inductee: Debby Harvey

12:00 PM

Warbird Segment

Featured Aircraft: B-25, P-47, F4U, SBD, T6, PT-19 and PT-17

1:30 PM

Heritage Flight

Featured Aircraft: P-47

2:00 PM

Vietnam Segment

Featured Aircraft: Skyraider, Cobra, F100, F4, A4, MiG-17 and Huey

3:00 PM


Featured Aircraft: USAF F-16