Texas Aviation Hall of Fame

2020 Nomination Form


The Texas Aviation Hall of Fame celebrates three categories of individuals and organizations that have helped to shape the history of aviation and spaceflight; Native Texans who made significant contributions to aviation and, non-native Texans who made significant contributions to aviation and spaceflight while living in Texas, and famous Texans who also aviators. 

If you are interested in nominating a candidate for this prestigious honor, please fill out and submit the form below.

Nominations are accepted throughout the year and must be submitted by the close of the business day July 31st for consideration in the following year’s selection process.

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Please include information on ties to Texas and significant achievements in the field of aviation and/or spaceflight. Other helpful information can include military units that the nominee served with, years they served, types of aircraft and/or spacecraft they were involved with, number of flight hours, professional associations or organizations related to aviation that they belong to, and awards or recognition they have received.
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