Spring Break Daily Flight Plan

Join us daily for activities and demonstrations that will make your family soar! All activities are FREE with your paid museum admission.


Sat, 3/10 (11am – 2pm) & Sun, 3/11 (12pm – 3pm)


Meet the pilots and crew chiefs who maintain and fly our vintage aircraft. Head into our hangars and out on our ramp to get close to these impressive aircraft and find out what it really takes to fly one. You could even win a flight in one of our birds!




Monday, 3/12 (11am – 2pm)


Ever want to know what it takes to keep a plane more than 70 years old airworthy? Learn the nuts and bolts of airplane maintenance from our mechanics and crew chiefs, watch live demonstrations, tour the maintenance shop, and try your hand at turning a screw (or two)!


Tues, 3/13 (11:00am & 1:00pm)

Check out a whole different type of bird with the Houston Audubon Society and their birds of prey.  The same forces of nature that keep planes flying also keep birds soaring. See how nature inspired aviation pioneers to develop their own wings and take to the skies. Live raptors bring this program to life!



Wed, 3/14 (11:00am – 2:00pm)

Scientists knew about the forces of flight long before manned flight was developed. Mathematician and scientist Daniel Bernoulli cracked the code on what makes flight possible in the 1700s when he observed that air moved like water. Visit the Museum to conduct your own Bernoulli-inspired experiments using simple materials such as balloons, string and even a deck of cards to learn what makes aircraft lift off and stay aloft.



Thurs, 3/15 (11:00am – 2:00pm)

Throughout the world, every day, people rely on helicopters for rescues, medical transfers, breaking news, and weather updates. Head out to our ramp and check out a variety of helicopters (and meet their pilots) including Life Flight, U.S. Coast Guard and other military helicopters. 



Friday, 3/16 (9:30AM – 4:00PM)

Explore the skies like a real pilot! Take the controls in our Aviation Learning Center. Plan your round-trip flight, “file” an FAA flight plan, and pre-flight a real Mooney M20 Ovation aircraft.  Then settle into one of our flight simulators and hit the throttle. The sky’s the limit!



Sat, 3/17 (10AM – 3PM)

Drones are everywhere these days….from amateur enthusiasts to professional racers.  LSFM partners with MultiGP (a global, professional, drone racing league) and the FAA for a day of live demonstrations, training, and safety tips. 


Special Thanks to DroneWorld and MultiGP