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This Month in Aviation History

Hobby Airport 1927



1992       The US Air Force’s Strategic Air Command is disestablished.

1948       American Airlines becomes the first airline to put Convair 240 airliner into service.

1942       The red circle is removed from the center of the US national insignia to avoid confusion with Japanese aircraft. 


1998       Launch of Space Shuttle Discover on mission STS-91.  This is the last U.S. docking with the Russian Mir space station.

1948       The Convair B-36 Peacemaker enters service.  The initial group of B-36s are assigned to the 7th Bombardment Wing (Heavy) at Carswell AFB, Fort Worth, TX.

1941       USS Long Island (CVE-1) is commissioned by the US Navy as its first escort carrier.


1966       Gemini 9 is launched in to orbit with Tom Stafford and Texas Aviation Hall of Fame member Eugene Cernan as its crew.

1965       Gemini 4 is launched with Jim McDivitt and Texan Ed White aboard.  White will become the first American to walk in space on this mission.

1959       First class graduates from the US Air Force Academy.


1974       Construction begins on the first Space Shuttle Orbiter, OV-101, named Enterprise.

1967       Birth of astronaut Shane Kimbrough in Killeen, TX.  KImbrough flew on Shuttle Mission STS-126 and commanded ISS Expedition 50.

1965       Birth of NASA astronaut Shannon Walker in Houston, TX.  Walker was part of the crew of ISS Expedition 24.

1942       First day of the Battle of Midway in which US carrier aircraft sink 3 Japanese carriers (1 more sinks the next day).  This battle is the turning point of the Second World War in the Pacific.

1927       Houston Municipal Airport (later renamed Hobby Airport) opens for business on a 193 acre field south of the city of Houston, TX.

1783       The Montgolfier brothers give their first public demonstration of their hot air balloon.


2002       Launch of STS-111, an ISS assembly flight using Space Shuttle Endeavour.  The Commander and the pilot for the flight are both Texans; Ken Cockrell from Austin and
Paul Lockhart from Amarillo.

1991       Launch of Space Shuttle Columbia on mission STS-40 to conduct research with the Spacelab module.  Among the astronauts performing experiments in chemist Millie Hughes-Fulford from Mineral Wells, TX.

1967       Boeing delivers its 1000th jet airliner, a 707, to American Airlines.


1964       A Dallas-built RF-8A Crusader photo reconnaissance jet is shot down over Laos.  It is the first Navy loss and first loss of a fixed wing aircraft in what will become the Vietnam War.

1944       D-Day; the largest amphibious operation In history begins the Allied liberation of Europe.

1932       Birth of astronaut David Scott at Randolph AFB, in San Antonio, TX.  Scott flies on Gemini 8 and Apollo 9 before going on to command Apollo 15 and become the 7th man to walk on the Moon.


2008       111th Fighter Squadron of the Texas ANG, based at Ellington Field, retires the last of their Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon jets and converts to drone operations.


2007       Launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis on mission STS-117, an ISS construction flight.

1951       Eight F-84E Thunderjets of the 560th Fighter Squadron, Bergstrom AFB, TX are lost in the worst mass air crash to date.  All aircraft suffered internal engine icing over Indiana.  Three pilots are killed.


1929       Lt.Col. Joe Bailey Jordan is born in Huntsville, TX.  A member of the Texas Aviation Hall of Fame, Jordan set a world altitude record flying an F-104C in 1959.

1924       President George H.W. Bush is born.  He becomes a naval aviator in World War II, flying the TBM Avenger with VT-51 aboard the USS San Jacinto.  He is a member of the Texas Aviation Hall of Fame.


1983       The Pioneer 10 space probe becomes the first human made object to leave the Solar System.  It is moving at over 26,000 mph and is expected to pass near the star Aldebaran in the constellation Taurus in about 2 million years.


1954       Astronaut Jeff Ashby is born in Dallas, TX.  He flies into space on Shuttle missions, STS-93, STS-100 and STS-112.

1941       President Franklin D. Roosevelt approves $1.75 million to construct Fort Worth Army Air Field next to the Consolidated bomber plant.


1930       Randolph Air Force Base is established as a training base for the US Army Air Corps near San Antonio, TX.  Randolph will come to be known as the “West Point of the Air.”


1985       Southwest Airlines acquires Dallas-based Muse Air.  Southwest will operate the company as TranStar Airlines for two years before ceasing operations in June, 1987.

1950       North Korean forces invade South Korea to start the Korean War.


1956       Birth of Dr. Bernard Harris, Jr. a physician and NASA Astronaut in Temple, TX.  His space missions include STS-55 and STS-63.  He was the first African-American astronaut to perform a spacewalk.

1942       First flight of the Grumman F6F Hellcat


1923       The 111th Observation Squadron was reformed as one of the 29 original National Guard Observation Squadrons.  It is based at Houston, although it will be another month before the unit gets any aircraft.

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