A film about the "Aztec Eagles", an elite Mexican squadron, who flew combat missions in 1945.

Join museum curator Stewart Bailey for an in-depth look at the aviation history in Mexico.

Seventy nine years ago, President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared August 19th to be National Aviation Day.  The day was chosen because it was the birthday of Orville Wright, who with his brother Wilbur, solved the riddle of controlled, powered heavier-than-air flight and made humanity’s first such flight in 1903.

For the history of World War II in the air, the date August 17 is one of great importance because of two significant air raids staged a year apart, which were to prove how hard it would be to knock

Get “behind the chains” with our docents, learn exclusive aircraft history, and even see them start up on our ramp! (weather permitting) 

Explore the skies like a real pilot this Friday as part of our Pilot Experience beginning Friday, August 10 at 10 am!

Today, August 1st marks the 75th Anniversary of one of World War II’s most controversial air missions, the low level raid on Ploiesti, Romania, dubbed “Operation Tidal Wave.”

On Saturday, August 4 we will offer free general admission to all activie duty, member and veterans of the USCG!

Drones are everywhere these days and operated by pilots of varying abilities - from amateur enthusiasts to professional racers.