Flights of Fancy Host Committee Members


Mert and Wade Adams
Ramona Adams
Maria and Michael Ainbinder
Dina Alsowayel and Tony Chase
Jana and Scott Arnoldy
Emily and Bud Arnot
Gaynor and Tony Banham
Peggy and Bill Barnett
Kelli and Eddy Blanton
Sara and Mark Bettencourt
Caroline and Peter Billipp
Susan and Andy Billipp
Jay Bonano
Susan and Bob Boykin
Janet and Brad Childers
Brenda and Joe Cialone
Claire and John Curtin
Tracy and John Dennis
Valerie and Tracy Dieterich
Jerry Dietrich
Dominique and Nick Florescu
Lily and Charles Foster
Claudia and Ford Frost
Tracy and Doug Glass
Kathleen and Paul Grabowski
Veronica and Jim Grace
Lauren and Warren Harris
Karen and David Haug
Carol and Charles Herder
Joanne King Herring
Michelle and Bill Hickl
Karin and Ron Hudson
Merle Hunsaker
Pam and Scott Hunsaker
Janine Iannarelli
Beau King
Bill King
Gena and Coy Lewis
Becky and David McClanahan
Sue and Robin Morse
Barb and Will Noel
Pat and Ed Noel
Cabrina and Steve Owsley
Carrin Patman and Jim Derrick
Debra and Tom Perich
Mary Ellen and Scott Prochazka
Julie and Jay Rogers
Carla and Mark Russell
John Stroehlein and Miwa Sakashita
Lynn and Joel Swanson
Karen Tellepsen
Pam and Russell Thorstenberg
Pamalah and Stephen Tipps
Martha Walton
Pam and Gary Whitlock
Sandy and Gary Wright
Kay and Fred Zeidman