The Texas Aviation Hall of Fame was established in 1995 to honor famous aviators who are Texans and famous Texans who are aviators. There are currently 77 individual members represented in four categories: Trailblazers & Explorers, Military Aviators, Innovators & Entrepreneurs and Leaders.


The Texas Aviation Hall of Fame for 2019 is now closed. We are now accepting nominations for 2020.

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Texas Aviation Hall of Fame

Arthur Ray Hawkins
Naval Aviator
David “Tex” Hill
Flying Tiger Ace and Brigadier General in the Texas Air National Guard
Charlie Hillard
Leader of the world famous Eagle Aerobatic Team
Dee Howard
Founder of Dee Howard Company
Howard Hughes
Aviator and Pioneer
Congressman Sam Johnson
Congressman, Air Force Pilot & P.O.W.
Herb Kelleher
Founder of Southwest Airlines
B-24 Pilot and Congressman
NASA Flight Director
Tom Landry
B-17 Pilot and Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys
George Lane
B-26 Pilot and Renown Orthopedic Surgeon