We are honored to serve as the Co-Chairs for the annual Lone Star Flight Museum Blue Skies Gala on Saturday, May 18th. We will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Lunar landing and our guests will enjoy an elegant, black-tie evening as they support the explorers of the past, present and future. Who knows what remarkable goals today’s young people will accomplish with our help?


Blue Skies Gala Host Committee Members


Janine K.  Iannarelli
Bette and Ralph Thomas



Janice Anderson

Bryan Apgar

Katrina and Cecil Arnim

Emily and Bud Arnot

Caroline and Peter Billipp

Susan and Andy Billipp

Christian and Marie Bruns

Zane and Brady Carruth

Brenda and Joe Cialone

Cathy and Joe Cleary, Jr. 

Debbie and John Daugherty, Jr. 

Ali and Haydeh Davoudi 

Dominique and Nick Florescu 

Ruth and Dan Flournoy

Veronica and Jim Grace

Annie and Bob Graham

Debbie and Mark Gregg

Lisa Foronda and Greg Harper 

Lauren and Warren Harris

Mike and Kimberly Johnston 

Lloyd Kirchner

Becky and David McClanahan 

Sue and Robin Morse

Lea and Randy Ney

Rossitsa Nicolova

Pat and Ed Noel

Jimmy Olguin

Mary Ellen and Scott Prochazka

Leslie and Gordon Richardson, Jr. 

Grant and Sheri Roane

Julie and Jay Rogers

Lisa and Russell Sherrill

Joan and Lawrence Skipper 

Robert Tijerina

Lynda Transier

Daisy and John White

Pam and Gary Whitlock

Kay and Fred Zeidman



Scott E. Rozzell, Chairman 
Charles Szalkowski, Vice Chairman 
Marshall P. Cloyd, Immediate Past Chairman
Brian Antweil

James R. Bath
Steven R. Biegel 
Dan R. Collins 
Hon. David Dewhurst 
Bonnie J. Dunbar, Ph.D. 
Terence H. Fontaine, Ed.D.
Fay E. Gregory 
Anthony W. Hall, Jr. 
J. David Heaney 
Barry Hunsaker, Jr. 
Hon. Rod Paige, Ph.D. 
Carolyn Pardue 
Rob Parrish, M.D., Ph.D. 
Jerome B. Simon 
Ralph B. Thomas