Artifact Donation

The collection at the Lone Star Flight Museum is dedicated to preserving the story of Texas aviation and Texas aviators for study, exhibit and preservation for future generations. Please be aware that the Museum cannot accept every potential donation and items are evaluated against the mission of the Museum, historical significance, the existing collection and internal preservation abilities.
We may be interested in artifacts, photographs and documents that help us better understand and preserve the history of aviation in Texas and by Texas aviators. These may be items from flight or crew training, military service, a pilot’s career or other aviation related profession.

To discuss a potential artifact donation please contact Rachel Herman, Director of Collections at 346-352-7681. You can also learn more about the artifact donation process on our website
Items not suitable for the LSFM collections without a pertinent connection to Texas aviation history or personal service or career:


  • Models
  • Magazines
  • Aviation instruments
  • Commercially available films
  • Book collections


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