Girls in Aviation Day

The Houston Chapter of Women in Aviation International (WAI) has announced that a free program is offered to local girls ages 10 to 17 years to introduce them to the possibilities available in a career in aviation.

Ellington Airport Welcomes LSFM

Ellington Airport provided a warm welcome when we arrived! We had some amazing photos and videos so we couldn't choose just one. Check out some of best from our Ellington homecoming.

Preview the New Aviation Learning Center

Only the second one of its kind in the U.S., the Aviation Learning Center at the Lone Star Flight Museum immerses visitors in the energy and excitement of flight through a hands-on learning experience.

Goodbye, Galveston

by Larry Gregory, President & COO

On July 15th, 2017 daily guest operations will come to a close at the Lone Star Flight Museum after nearly 27 years at Scholes Airport.

Miracle Off Midway

As history has shown over and over, a simple action by a small group of people, or even an individual, can have consequences far beyond that group or individual that affect the whole of humanity.  This is especially true in military battles where the resistance of a small group of fighters can save a battle from being lost, and in the end, a war or country being lost.  Such a situatio

Lone Star Museum Rendering

Aviation Week - HOUSTON — New Lone Star Flight Museum CEO Douglas H.

His first to-do as he moves into his new position is to fundraise for the museum while it transfers into its new $35 million, 130,000-square-foot home at Houston’s Ellington Airport.

 Grumman F6F Hellcat

GALVESTON, TX (KTRK) -- Inside a hangar at Galveston's Scholes International Airport, you'll find an aircraft exhibit unlike any other in southeast Texas. The Lone Star Flight Museum boasts a collection of planes from World War II to the Vietnam War era. Larry Gregory is the museum's president.

Although it has since reopened, the Lone Star Flight Museum in Galveston sustained heavy damage from Hurricane Ike back in 2008. Most airworthy planes were flown out of harm’s way in advance, but many static displays were damaged or destroyed. The museum is moving inland to new facilities at Ellington Airport, and the new museum comes with a new CEO.

From the Flight Deck

One of the cornerstone educational programs at the new Lone Star Flight Museum will be the Aviation Learning Center (ALC). The second such center in the country (The first is in Seattle’s Museum of Flight), the ALC will help teachers engage students via an interactive program that entertains and educates at the same time. The ALC’s experiential learning provides a fun, hands-on format that emphasizes critical thinking, scientific inquiry, problem solving and technical reading and writing skills.


After spending 30 years in Galveston, the Lone Star Flight Museum is preparing to land at a new site - Houston's Ellington Airport.

What is it about certain beach destinations that keep visitors coming back year after year? Correspondent Ko Im visited two of the USA's most popular vacation spots this summer to find out. As another beach season comes to a close, see why fans just can't get enough of Galveston, Texas, and Ocean City, Md.

From the Flight Deck

To All Friends of LSFM, My wife, Teresa, and I are thrilled to join the LSFM family. As we left the Air Force in 2013 after many years of privileged service to our nation with many assignments and moves around the world, we decided San Antonio and Texas would be our long-term home. Our move to Houston now will be our 25th home in 36 years. I share that because the Board of Directors’ choice and our decision to be here reflects the importance we feel about the wonderful new museum and opportunity it presents to inspire the young people of Houston and surrounding area towards futures of promise, service and meaning.

Museum Rendering

Retired USAF Lieutenant General selected to pilot new Museum - HOUSTON - The Lone Star Flight Museum (LSFM) is pleased to announce that Douglas H. Owens, Lieutenant General, USAF (Retired), will become the Museum’s Chief Executive Officer effective September 19, 2016. As CEO, General Owens will have the overall responsibility for strategic planning, construction...